Amity Beet Harvester Tips/Reminders for Lowest Possible Tear

Sep. 12 2018 Tips By Dennis Bess, Sales Manager, Reese

九九影院Amity Beet Harvester Tips/Reminders for Lowest Possible Tear

1. Minimize the amount of dirt going into harvester by checking pinch point of wheels 1-3/4” to 2”, manage depth on conditions dig only as deep as needed to lift beet! If wet condition persist adding additional shim to roll strut pinch point (FORWARD) ! machine level front to rear and side to side.

2. Paddle shaft rubbers in good condition and adjust so they help keep wheels clean.

3. Open grab rolls 2-2 ¼”+ inches (simple adjustment 5 min with great results).

九九影院4. Remove reverse grab roll kit/kits if needed ---as we discussed in our clinic if you have not update your reverse grab roll kit it’s inexpensive and reduces change time to 5-6 minutes, 4-treaded bolts-and a chain clip.

5. If conditions warrant adjust grab roll bed up or down.

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