2019 Case-IH Steiger® Series for sale in Janson Equipment, Reese, Michigan


  • Trimble FM750/NAV II

    Trimble FM750/NAV II

    • (989) 868-4118
    • For CNH accuguide ready tractor
    • 6-8" Accuracy
    • Demo unit - Tag 18795

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  • Trimble Field I/Q Rate & Section Control Module

    Trimble Field I/Q Rate & Section Control Module

    • (989) 868-4118
    • For Raven 440 hook-up
    • Includes monitor switch boxes
    • Demo unit - Tag 17686

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  • CNH 372 Receiver

    CNH 372 Receiver

    • (989) 868-4118
    • RTK unlocked 450 MHZ radio
    • Demo unit - Tag 17484
    • Demo unit - Tag 18795

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Whether you're an existing AFS customer, or you're trying to determine how the AFS system can benefit your operation, we're glad you've taken the time to find out more about the unique strengths and advantages of Case IH precision farming products.

九九影院AFS system, from basic GPS for mapping to full integrated autoguidance systems with sub-inch accuracy.

Precision farming-arguably the most significant advancement in agriculture since the advent of mechanization-allows for amazingly precise, hands-free operation of tractors and combines. And Case IH is setting the pace for growers who are looking for more productivity and efficiency, with precision farming solutions for every farm operation.

From the enhanced productivity of lightbar steering, to the pinpoint accuracy of fully automated guidance, our Advanced Farming System (AFS) solutions will help you maximize yields, control input costs and optimize your profits. Operators also cite "being less fatigued" as a principal benefit of precision farming-further boosting farm efficiency and productivity.

AFS AccuGuide™, which offers fully automated steering with repeatability and precision, is a popular choice for farmers, as Case IH designs higher horsepower tractors, combines, and sprayers for simple installation of guidance systems, either in the factory or at the dealership. The Case IH AFS AccuGuide offers four levels of accuracy, down to one-inch.

For your existing fleet, we provide a complete range of industry-leading aftermarket solutions for GPS-based guidance, from entry-level to high-end, for all makes and models of equipment. These products feature a range of application solutions for planters and sprayers, including anhydrous ammonia.

Regardless of your farm operation and your budget, Case IH has the precision farming solutions you need, for every step of the growing cycle. This precision farming brochure will help you determine which system is right for you.

九九影院To learn precisely how our precision farming solutions can boost your farm's productivity, visit your local Case IH dealership. The precision farming experts at Case IH will show you how to realize the best possible return on your precision farming investment.


The AFS Pro 600 controls Case IH planter operations featuring:

九九影院Prescription Planting

As-Applied Mapping

九九影院Automated Overlap Control

AFS Field Performer

Allows the operator to record and log fuel usage, individual operator performance, acres per hour and engine efficiencies.

九九影院Late model Case IH Puma™, Magnum™, Steiger®, and QUADTRAC® tractors as well as Axial-Flow® 7010 and 8010 combines can be equipped with AFS Field Performer.


九九影院Machine function and control on Axial-Flow® 7010 and 8010 models.

Yield, moisture monitoring, mapping, and AFS AccuGuide auto-guidance functions on all Axial-Flow® models.


九九影院The AFS Pro 600 is ISO11783 compliant and will serve as a virtual terminal for any ISO11783 compliant implement.

AFS harvest and Application control systems software provides complete support for all your precision farming needs.

Generate yield maps, as-applied maps, prescription maps and more from a single, integrated software package. You can also create soil sampling maps, create and print reports and import satellite imagery.

九九影院AFS desktop software is designed to provide unmatched support for all your Case IH precision farming equipment. But it also supports all of the major competitive precision farming systems in the market, including Trimble, Ag Leader Technology, and Greenstar. This provides you with unprecedented access to precision farming data.

AFS Desktop Software

九九影院Manage. Plan. Prescribe. Report. Analyze. Succeed.

Manage your farming operation with the latest AFS desktop software package from Case IH.

AFS desktop software provides numerous tools and powerful features to meet your precision farming needs.

九九影院The software is designed to provide a very visual and easy to use interface. Many critical tools walk you through step by step to make sure you get the results you expect.

Printout with satellite image, field summary and field map, import.

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